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  • July 2019 - Played at Jazz TM and Jazz in the Park festivals in Romania

  • July 2019 - Graduated from Jazz Guitar at Prins Claus Conservatoire

  • June 2019 - Finalist at Swingin' Groningen Young Talent Contest

  • November 2018 - Won VNO-NCW Noord Talent Award (young talent music award in North Netherlands)

  • June 2019 - Graduated from Jazz Guitar at Prins Claus Conservatoire

  • May 2015 - Played with Istanbul Youth Big Band at Akbank Jazz Festival, Istanbul


Erdogan Cem Evin, born in June 26, 1989. He was born into a musical family; many of his father’s relatives are professional musicians in Turkey. He grew up mostly listening to Turkish music. However, his uncle is an avid jazz listener; so he was also introduced to jazz classics such as Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, Wes Montgomery, etc. early on.


During his high school years, he delved into rock and metal music and learned how to play guitar, mostly by copying his recordings. He formed bands and played around Istanbul.


After completing his studies in Computer Science successfully in Middle East Technical University, Turkey, he decided to focus on music again. That’s when he got seriously interested in jazz. He joined a jazz certificate program in Istanbul and started playing with people. He performed in various jazz clubs in Istanbul, as well as playing with a big band based in Istanbul.


Finally he decided to pursue his passion in music by coming to the Netherlands to study jazz. He has been studying in Prins Claus Conservatoire, Groningen for three years. During his studies he has had chance to study with lots of great local and New York based musicians.


Since he has come to Groningen, he has been playing with lots of people and lots of projects at all the clubs in and around Groningen.


His musical taste has evolved throughout the years into a unique blend of his past, culture, and current impressions of music. In his music you can hear his Turkish roots and his rocking years in high school, as well as his deep interest in jazz tradition, improvisation and harmony.


His influences in music are also reflected on his guitar playing; he has a unique style of combining jazz, rock and Turkish folk musical language. He also utilizes a fretless electric guitar to further bring microtonal properties in Turkish music to his unique blend.

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